Member Discount Program

You can deliver value to the
(ISC)² membership by offering special offers or discounts.

Member Discount Program represents exceptional value for (ISC)² members and extraordinary opportunities for participating organizations. Drive more interest to your products, services, and events with special offers and discounts to (ISC)² members.

To be considered, your offer needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Be relevant to the (ISC)² community
  • Be exclusive where members are not able to obtain elsewhere
  • Be timely with clear terms, conditions, and expiration of offer

If your offer is accepted:

  • (ISC)² will include your offer on the (ISC)² Membership website (member-only access) with a link to your offer landing page
  • You’ll receive program visibility with a direct link to the (ISC)² Member Benefits or discounts web page (member-only access)
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(ISC)² reserves the right to change the Member Value Program at any time without prior notice.
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